Hi, I'm Sarah!  I'm based in Frederic, Wisconsin, but I do love to travel!
You already know I enjoy photography,
so here are 10 facts you may find interesting or unusual.

1. Why a redwing blackbird for my logo?  It has to do with my grandma.  As a child, she would point them out to me like they were as special as a unicorn.  Seeing them in the spring and summer makes me feel like I am a carefree kid again!

2.  I have two tattoos.  One is a redwing blackbird (imagine that!) and the other is two monarch butterflies.  

3.  I got married at the age of 18 to my high school sweetheart in the July 2000.  Our wedding took place in Siren, WI.


6.  I'm a little obsessed with my two border collies named Solo and Pandora. 


*Update!  Added Luke in June 2018. **Another update!  Added Charis (pronounced "care-iss") in April 2020!

7.  I first got into photography because I wanted to take amazing pictures of herps.  Not sure what that is?  A "herp" is an amphibian or reptile!  

4.  I have 4 children between the ages of 12 and 19.  Some are willing photography subjects; others are not so much!  

8.  I play drums for the worship team at my church.  I want to get better at it, but for now I can keep a decent beat!   

9.  I am 50% Filipino and the other half is mostly German!

5.  I grew up in Minnesota and moved across the border to Wisconsin when I was a teenager.  I'd rather live somewhere tropical, like Key West.

Key West!
Yes please! 

10.  My family and I live on 40 acres in the Frederic area with chickens, ducks, 2 horses, and eventually sheep and a few cows.  

I'd love to meet you and work with you to create amazing images of what inspires you and gives your life joy.  Life is precious and goes by fast, and I'd be honored to help you preserve memories to last a lifetime.  Contact me today!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Now it is YOUR turn!