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3 reasons why you should print your photos!

Updated: Apr 14, 2018

An alternate title could be: Dear Sarah, This is why YOU need to start printing more photos.

I am speaking to the choir here. How many snapshots I have taken with my point-and-shoot cameras over the years? How many cell phone pictures are currently on my phone? It's so easy to share a photo to Facebook or Instagram, and that's where my photos tend to end up. There is nothing wrong with that; how else could family and friends from far away see what we are up to and how fast my children are growing up? But one thing I am guilty of is not putting photos on the walls. There is no reason I can't do both, and I want this year to be the year where I am more intentional. Here's 3 reasons why.

original photos taken by: Adel Artworks

1) Because I LOVE my family. For some reason it seems easier to buy wall art or decorations from a store and put it up on the wall, but what really gives me joy when I look at it? My kids, smiling and having a good time together. My husband and I, sharing a sweet moment. The images of our loved ones make the best art!

original photos taken by: Adel Artworks

I have nothing against buying art and decorations. If you saw my kitchen, you'd see I have no problem in collecting chicken art and decorations. I especially love buying hand-painted signs from local artists. That gives me some inspiration right there: A beautiful sign that says, "Jorgenson, established 2000" and surrounding it, photos of my family. Someone hold me to it!

2) Because not everyone is online. Oh, I am guilty of this. Before digital cameras, I would give prints to grandparents and other relatives, and it was such a fun experience for both of us! Now I just don't do that, so I would encourage both of us to start printing photos for our loved ones, whether they are online or not.

3) Because digital images are nice, but printed images make the image come alive. I recently ordered graduation photos for a client. I liked these images a lot, so I was excited the client wanted a very large order. When the order arrived the next week, I was even more in love with the images now that I could hold them in my hands. The photos were not just files on a computer screen, but a beautifully preserved moment in time.

I hope that something I said has encouraged you to think about putting your prints on the wall. A few things to keep in mind: Quality labs create quality prints! If you want a recommendation, send me an email and I'd be happy to point you in a good direction.

If I could help you capture the moments that matter most to you, please contact me. I'd be happy to talk with you about a family photo session!

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